Publish an E-Book

In this age of the Internet, newsletters and ezines are not the only ways to publish a book without having to resort to big name publishers. Self-publishing authors publish their books in electronic form known as e-book, as an alternative.An e-book, short for electronic book, is an electronic edition of a conventional printed book which can be read on a personal computer and hand-held devices. It is usually read on hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. E-books appear in different formats, most common among them is the Portable Document Format or PDF. The PDF was so widely used that, although there are no official standards for e-book publishing, it became a de facto format in the Internet.Publishing e-books allows easy access for you to publicize your websites or business. The release of a free e-book can promote sales of the printed version. Some e-books are available in the internet at no cost at all, while others have to be bought. It can provide you with additional revenue from selling your e-books.All New Horizon publishing house not only offers a comprehensive range of publishing, editorial and marketing services; it also offers e-book publishing when you avail of their publishing packages at minimal charges to even no cost at all.Book MarketingMarketing is a set of activities concerned in making sure that customer needs are meet while getting value from it. According to Philip Kotler, it is a process that deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs profitably. It is usually focused on one product or service, in these case books.Book marketing is the final stage of publication. Once a book is published, publishers use a variety of channels for it to be distributed. Commonly, books are sold through booksellers and other related retailers. Sample copies are sent to publishers within the book industry as pre-release reviews to aid sales.With the advent of the Internet, self-publishing authors utilizes Print on Demand (POD) and e-book publishing, which allows small publishers to operate at a lower production cost while fast-pacing the books marketing.